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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Listen Up

  • How do you get a Sub Pop A&R rep to come out to your SECOND GIG? Deftly ape the arcade fire! This band played after The Bang last night at Iota, and while they sounded fantastic and had tons of energy and put on a great show which I truly did enjoy, they're a complete and total AF knock off. Well, sometimes venturing over into territory previously owned by Stars and the New Pornographers. But mainly Arcade Fire. But apparently, that's what the record companies are looking for. So hey, way to go.
  • And you know who else sounded fantastic? The Bang! I've been seeing these people play in different iterations for years, and have always loved them as musicians. But god damn they make one fine rock band when they come together. Don't take those MySpace tracks at face value -- you've got to see them live. I suggest assuaging your "I don't have DPlan tickets" woes on April 28th by taking them in at Galaxy Hut.
  • And hey, while we're discussing music, new Walkmen track!


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