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Monday, April 23, 2007

This Is How We Do It

The weekend: so beautiful, so fun. Friday night I cought some of the Six Points Music Festival when I went to review The Vita Ruins. What I saw was really great -- but I had to turn in pretty early because Saturday was a big day. I woke up bright and early to get ready for Diana's bridal festivities, which were the whole weekend's main events. The shower (thrown by a family friend) was absolutely lovely -- it was a tasteful tea at two. We managed to talk the hostess into letting us play some games and stuff so it wasn't all tea and crumpets. After that the young folks broke off for Diana's bachelorette party. I rented a party van and we got the best driver ever. Wherever I go from now on, I plan on Tyrone taking me there. And to bring bottles upon bottles of champaign along for the ride everytime. The 13 of us made our way around some fancier spots that I don't usually haunt (PS7s, Chi Cha Lounge, Cafe Citron), and had a blast. Decked out in hot pink and black leis, with Diana donning a veil and feather boa, we were hard to miss -- but not too obnoxious I don't think. No representations of any kind of genitalia. What few, blurry pictures I took are up on Flickr. Hopefully the ones the other girls were snapping will come out better.

Sunday D, Stacy and I did the offical post-party recap at my place, then brunch at Galaxy Hut. Man, I really just love Galaxy Hut. And brunch. And beer, which I for some reason felt like drinking. Then I got together with mom and we went for my bride's maid's dress fitting in old town, and spent the day walking around and eating outside in that gorgeous weather.

Oh -- I almost forgot the most hilarious part of the whole weekend. Stinker fell in love. Diana brought her kitten -- Bella -- over while we were out for all the celebrations. The two approached each other and immediately started kissing (touching noses). Stinker then whisked her away to his secret love nest -- we still don't know where they ran off to -- and the two spent the entire weekend cuddling. Stinker didn't even come out for dinner or breakfast the next day -- and that is just unheard of. He was totally heartbroken last night -- he came out to eat a few bites then went back to sulk and miss his g.f. Finally this morning he seems to be back in the swing of things. It's a good thing they're both fixed, otherwise we'd be celebrating more than the union of Diana and Clint pretty soon.


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