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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Hall Monitors F&*#@N%g Rock

I had... the best time seeing The Hall Monitors at DC9 last night. I hope to cover them soon for DCist, so I'll do a full write up then, but man alive that is one great band. Very bluesy, soulful garage rock, with a little punk and rockabilly thrown in for good measure. A total throwback to every kind of music I love the most, with enough energy to shoot out the lights. They get the crowd completely wrapped up in their performance, getting down and playing on the main floor, standing on top of amps, and generally being energetic and engaging and awesome. Not to mention the fact that they're all really freaking good musicians and the set was completely tight. (Save one botched opening when they laughed at themselves for dropping the ball and relaunched.) Oh, and there's the matter of the drummer and bassist being completely and totally hot. Eye candy never hurts a performance. The drummer chatted with Catherine and I after the show and was also incredibly nice (and, sorry ladies, married). Don't know about the bassist, but he looks a lot like Brit Daniels, which, for those of you sitting in the back, means I have a crush on him. So, in summation, go check out The Hall Monitors the next chance you get. They probably won't be playing around D.C. again till the fall, but remember that name. You'll be glad you did.


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