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Monday, June 04, 2007


I mentioned it last week, but let me reiterate: Hex is teh awesome. I watched the rest of the season 1 eps and the season 2 premiere this weekend on BBC America. It fills the Buffy/VMars void very nicely, and, with English accents! I have such a crush on Jamie Davis -- he's got a sort of Logan-esque quality (what with being a prick at the outset then growing into somebody to loooooooove), but really, every guy on the show is pretty damn attractive. And I love the lack of American censor-driven nonsense. For example, when one of the characters gets pregnant, we're not berated with any sort of abstinence message. The h.s. kids frequent bars and drink and do drugs without any "very special episodes." Also, they don't spell everything out for you -- you actually get to think and figure things out on your own! Plus, awesome brit slang. Oh, and witches, demons, ghosts, etc. And sex. Lots of sex. Moral of the story: watch Hex!


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