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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer TV

Taking a page out of TV Squad's... book (?), here's a list of what it looks like I'll be tuning into this summer.

  1. Hex*. We've discussed this already.
  2. The Starter Wife. I happened upon the first episode (who knew -- it's a series, not a movie), and shockingly, didn't hate it! It looked god awful in commercials, but was actually pretty damned enjoyable in actuality. Let's hope subsequent episodes keep that patern going.
  3. Entourage*. Nothin says summer like completely care free individuals.
  4. The 4400. Loved the first two seasons. Looking forward to more abduction-based goodness. Except for that creepy little girl. I do not like her one bit.
  5. John from Cincinatti*. This. Looks. Awesome. And, LUKE PERRY! My heart still beats for the, after all these years, Dylan McKay.
Maybe #6: Hidden Palms. Also accidentally watched the first episode of this OC rip off (right down to casting its two most unlikeable characters ever -- Oliver and Zack). It didn't suck, but... I think the beautiful distraught teenagers thing may have worn out its welcome, kinda like guyliner.

*Indicates shows on channels I don't actually get and have to go to my mom's house to watch. Hiya mommyyyyyyyyyy!


Blogger ike said...

If I didn't tell you about Hex when I first saw the add on BBC America (during a Little Britain marathon), I certainly had it on my "to do" list.

11:15 PM  

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