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Monday, June 18, 2007

You got it all wrong

You see, these guys weren't scary to me. But Mr. Snuffleupagus struck terror into my very core. To this day if you chase me and wave your arms and in a weird voice say "I'm Mr. Snuffleupagus," I will squeal, run and slam a door between the two of us.


Blogger ike said...

I hated Snuffy for a different reason, one I didn't even remember until my Mom told me about it. When Snuffy was first introduced, he would only come up and talk to Big Bird. He'd quickly disappear before other people could see him, so all the characters thought that Big Bird was nuts and Snuffy was imaginary.

It apparently pissed me off to no end. My Mom would find me clutching the TV, trying to keep Snuffy on the screen so everyone would stop condescending to Big Bird.

On an unrelated note, my first word was "Occus", said while pointing at Oscar on TV. My streak of watching far too much television persists to this day.

12:03 PM  

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