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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Obama Doctrine

Obama sees this as more than a global charity program; it is the anvil against which he can bring down the hammer on al-Qaeda. "He took many of the [counterinsurgency] principles -- the paradoxes, like how sometimes you're less secure the more force is used -- and looked at it from a more strategic perspective," Sewall says. "His policies deal with root causes but do not misconstrue root causes as a simple fix. He recognizes that you need to pursue a parallel anti-terrorism [course] in its traditional form along with this transformed approach to foreign policy."

My good friend Spencer Ackerman has written a definitive piece on why Obama should be president. Foreign policy will be the central subject of the upcoming election. As it should. And in my humble opinion, anyone who reads this article would be hard pressed to make an argument for McCain.


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