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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Future of Bringing Salads To Work

As I'm enjoying my aforementioned steak salad for lunch, I realized that I haven't blogged about the amazing container it's in. I bring salads into work in my Salad Blaster Bowl, a contraption my mom included in my stocking last Christmas. The genius is that you put the salad ingredients in the bowl part, and the dressing in the lid. When you're ready to eat, you pop the button on top, shooting the dressing out over your salad. That way it doesn't get mushy all day! And you don't have to mess around with multiple containers. In addition to no mush, no mess salad, you also get the added fun of pushing a Trouble-esque button and shaking something around! I seriously love this thing.


Anonymous Becks said...

You have no idea how prescient this is. Seriously. I was just lamenting the loss of the Chopt-ish place near my old job and how I'm going to have to start bringing salads to work and how that will suck because of THIS VERY PROBLEM and you have now solved it. Huzzah!

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Emily said...

This is GREAT! I am always bringing my salads in old yogurt containers and my dressings in creepy glass jars I keep in the refrigerator, and the whole thing is sort of an embarrassing mess. If I use this I'm sure to be popular!

Also: do you have plans for Easter proper? Tom and I are going to have people over for egg decorating.

6:35 PM  

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