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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I suppose the word (is it a word?) could have a place in some criticisms (I guess?), but I'm just not clear on what this Daytrotter reviewer is getting at in this review of Kings of Leon's Because of the Times. It just seems like an excuse to say "barfier":

Not content with their Southern-fried pigeonhole, they’ve expanded into the already mentioned sonic signifiers they almost have no business dabbling in, not to mention the fact that they’ve also committed themselves to revisiting some of the barfier corners of U2 and Sting’s back catalogs (on, say, “True Love Way” and “Arizona” respectively), and goddamn if they don’t make it work for them.

It's a pretty good review of an album I really love, but I keep finding myself wondering if a friend said, "I bet you can't work the word "barfier" into your next review. I bet you ten bucks!"


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