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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You won't believe how slash my slashes are for a woman my age

Catherine: amanda if i ever send an outlook invitation to you to have a three/some, please ignore it

That was the tail end of an IM conversation where I told Catherine about what I overheard at Mexical Blues last night. I'll repost the tale here. This would be an entire week's worth-entry into DCist's Overheard In D.C. feature. Heavy slashing ahead.

I was waiting for Sommer at a restaurant, and they put me right next to these two women. The first thing I notice is, they're wasted. Then I get a serious vibe, so I was like ok, lesb/ian first date. But as I sat and waited, and eavesdropped, I realized that one was married, and inviting the other to have a three/some with her and her husband. ("gary's totally fine with watching us enjoy ourselves if you're not comfortable with all three of us", etc.), so I keep listening. And pretending to read and re-read my menu. This restaurant — it's really small. I was less than a foot from both of them the whole time, and there was no attempt whatsoever to lower voices or be discrete. They're holding hands at the table, talking about how impressed with each others' b00bs they're gonna be.

I'm thinking, my god, this conversation was MADE UP by a DUDE. They were talking about ,for example, how should it start? Then they go into this long discussion of how they love kis/sing, and what kind of kis/sing they like. And what the progression of this thing would be — start with the ladies kis/sing, then the ladies having s/ex, and the husband joining in if she was comfortable. They continued to be wasted and reiterate parts of the conversation. Culminating in, "so, can i put you down for Friday?", and the other one saying, "so, Friday — you're going to have S/EX with gary and I? I have to ask. Just to be sure."

(at this point in the telling to CatAn, she said, "i would just like to say one big OMG right now, then i don't have to type it anymore.")

So they've decided on Friday. They're talking about how much they just want to kiss each other right now, but they're gonna wait. Then, to really seal the deal, the non-married woman sends the married woman an outlook invitation. To their thre/esome. That's when I realize, based on a couple non-sex-related statements, that they're COWORKERS. They were all, "nothing's gonna change! no matter what happens!" Right. Of course. There's no reason that would make things awkward. And, how did you even breech this subject to begin with?

That is the less-detailed version of the story of my unintentional exposure to thre/esome event planning. Be careful what you talk about in restaurants, guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You just know that there will be constant Crackberry checking during their, ahem, appointment.

And Outlook? Who's using that to schedule meetings anymore? You've got to gCal that kind of thing. Seems to me like they should spend less time drunkenly chatting in small restuarants about these types of things and more time upgrading the technology at the office.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, gCal is definitely the way to go, unless they secretly wanted a hot IT guy or gal to show up Friday night.

2:26 PM  

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