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Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey kids!

I'm back from the wilds of Charlotte, NC. It was a great trip. Started with beautiful driving weather and a pit stop in Richmond to see Tyler on Thursday, then a cyclone of wedding activity following. Manicures, a bridesmaid's tea, rehearsal and the ensuing dinner, an evening out at a really nice place called Sonoma in Charlotte, hours of preparation before the main event, a gorgeous ceremony, a wonderful reception, a brunch, a quick meet up with Diana along the highway, a long drive home (well, longish -- it's supposed to take almost 7 hours, and I made it in 5.5 -- perhaps I drive too fast), and a gluttonous dinner with my dad last night. I am exhausted. Becky is married. Beth is under a few feet of snow in Ohio. I could make this a much longer and more deserving post about all the beautiful, fun, really great, perfectly planned and warm and welcoming things Becky & Erik and the Schappses and Lindhals did for us all, but I am really sleepy. And hungry. Full photo record here.


Blogger ike said...

Any time you want to come visit Sonoma in Sonoma, you let me know :)

4:12 PM  

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