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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Various thoughts, mostly about food

I was crazy productive this morning. I made my bed, cleaned my bathroom, mopped my kitchen, made coffee, oatmeal, and a steak salad* (for lunch), put away dishes, took out trash, uploaded pictures... I was on top of my game. But now it feels like it's about noon already. Between now and Pi(e) Night (!!), to which I'll be bringing Shepherd's Pie because I'm not much of a baker, I've got a jam-packed work day that will try it's best to wear me out and drag me down. But I must prevail -- it's pie night!

*Why are chicken salad and tuna salad code for "with mayonnaise," but steak salad just means a garden salad with steak on top?

Also, I made delicious tacos last night. As what I just wrote would indicate, they were delicious.


Blogger ike said...

Few things in purchasing food over a counter piss me off as much as the ambiguity of the chicken salad. I never ever want the kind with mayonnaise, which I've only liked when my Mom made it from scratch out of a whole chicken. For the most part, chicken salad refers to sandwiches, but every once in a while...

12:30 PM  

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