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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music! For you!

I heard from lots of people that the last MP3 post was a good thing. So here's round 2!

Cannonball Jane, "The Secret Handshake." While I kind of think sirens in the background of songs are very 1996, the rest of this is blazing hot. I like it a lot. There are even some hints of "Brim Full of Asha" in there. That's a good summertime dance party song right there. Also, she and Eric Axelson should team up for a teacher/rocker monster jam.

Dream Bitches, "Mother's Day." They're working hard in that Donnas territory, occasionally taking a side trip over into Tegan & Sara. But I've always kind of liked that stuff. Nothing terribly new, but they do have a sassy name and a simple femme style. I dig it.
And! They do a pretty sweet Belle & Sebastian cover, too.

Roedelius / Story, "As It Were." Given the season and my general frame of mind, I'm feeling much more hard and fast these days. But this instrumental track is certainly beautiful. I'll save it away for a gray day.

These New Puritans, "Cosmic Sing-a-long." Meh. I'll take my hippy dippy shit from Peter Paul and Mary and the Flaming Lips and Polyphonic Spree instead. Now, the song "No Coins" is much better, I think. But still leaving me fairly cold.

From Bubblegum to Sky, "Guest Relations." I kind of hate the band's name, but I like the way they sound, which is really all that matters. This is another nominee for summertime dance party music. A pool-side OUTSIDE PARTY, to be exact. I do, however, get the terrible feeling that this song could very easily be ruined by being used in a commercial for, say, a cruise line or allergy medicine. Oh, and should there ever be a James Bond surfer movie, they should definitely use "I Always Fall Apart" in a chase scene.

The Dandy Warhols, "The World Come On." I like the pacing, I like the rhythm, I like the fuzz, I like the jangle. Just like a long time ago, we're still friends, TDW.

Die! Die! Die!, "A.T.T.I.T.U.D." Remember how I said I'm in the mood for hard and fast these days? This song heard about that and came to pay me a visit. It's bare bones and juvenile, but satisfying. Their song "Blue Skies" is a little more interesting, a little less rough.

The Jealous Girlfriends, "Roboxulla." Feist-y, dreamy, lovey, warm weather pop.

Jacksonknife, "Truthfully." Horns! Boys! Happy rock music! I love this. I love this a ton. I wish you could see my face as I'm listening to this album. I'm so happy.

Mikal Evans, "The Drunkest Hour." She's part of D.C.'s rising crop of alt country wunderkinds. Here's a pretty dirty, rockin track from her new album.

Adventure, "Battle Cat." Dear Wham City — I get it.

Ida, "Road to Ruin." Now, that is a damn good song.

The American Dollar, "Transcendence."
The press release says that this band is recommended if you like Sigur Rós, Album Leaf, Explosions In The Sky, Radiohead, Tristeza. Yup. That is correct. Liz, who is a connoisseur of this kind of music says she likes it, but is "not sold on the trancey overtones."

Prince Fatty, "Gin & Juice." Weren't you just thinking, "I'd really like to hear somebody do a dub take on Snoop Dogg?" Well, here you go then.

The Graduate, "Doppleganger." Soon to be touring with Panic! At the fallout guyliner.

Lotto Ball Show, "I Can Be Your Eyes."
It's like if early Rolling Stones recorded an album produced by somebody from Wham City. And I think I like it. Maybe what I said about WC earlier was wrong; maybe I just don't like Adventure.

Theresa Andersson, "Na Na Na." Swede alert! Swede alert!

Windmill, "Tokyo Moon." At first, the voice made me wince. Then I kept listening. And I found myself swaying and bobbing at my desk. So. Oh, hey, remember that scene in Empire Records where Marc flips out? This sounds like that song.

UPDATE: Catherine reminded me of this neat little trick from Tom. So, here are all the songs in an easy to use flash player. Also, blogger seems to hate this code for some reason, so it looks all ugly, but should work still.

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Blogger Tom said...

Oh, and should there ever be a James Bond surfer movie, they should definitely use "I Always Fall Apart" in a chase scene.

Dead. On.

2:27 PM  
Blogger The Vinyl District said...

Great list! Would you be up for guest DJing over at my blog one Friday, ala:

5:17 PM  

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