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Friday, November 14, 2008

operating at the following level of sounds instead of words

Catherine: i am soooo hungover
me: ME TOO
Catherine: aughghghghg
might still be drunk
ray is dead to me
me: hahahahahhaha
why did i borrow his shirt?
Catherine: lol i forgot about that
me: also, it feels like it should be 2pm already
and it's not yet 10
Catherine: oh god, this is going to be awful
OH GOD then i have drill boot camp
oh my god
me: oh god
me: yeah, wtf
why am i so hungover?
Catherine: i know why i am
i had this killer martini first
me: yeah, what did you drink? tell me things.
Catherine: tell you things?
like the martini?
me: about the martini
Catherine: we are both still drunk maybe
it had olives in it
me: hahahahha
Catherine: and cost like 15 effucking dollars!
we are.
oh god so much pain
me: hahahahha
Catherine: hahahahha
me: oh man
Catherine: blahhhhh
me: this is the most insightful conversation i've ever had
Catherine: hahahhaha


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