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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This Year

Was actually a pretty great one! Here are some things I liked about/did this year:

  • Joined twitter and consequently, hung out with bloggers way more often
  • Moved to Bloomingdale! Man, I love Bloomingdale.
  • Voted for President Elect Barack Obama!
  • Went to Costa Rica! And London! And OBX! And Boston! And Stone Harbor! And to a bunch of weddings! And more local but still awesome destinations like Philly and Baltimore and Richmond and Charlottesville!
  • Threw a couple rockin parties
  • Cooked. A lot.
  • Got really into a bunch of BBC shows
  • Sort of gave up on the fervent pursuit of hip new music. But sure did love those Swedes!
  • Watched a lot of street-dance-related media.
  • Blogged a lot in bullet points
See? Not a bad year at all! Here's to 2009. I hope to do more yoga, wear more pin curls, read more, have a wonderful time in Ireland, visit Chicago and New York and San Diego, maybe fall in love or somethin, learn how to make risotto, start biking, and... I don't know... meet somebody famous. Yeah! What do you want to do next year?


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