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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I like food, food tastes good

So I've been working out a little bit lately. This isn't news for most humans in the world, but I am incredibly lazy and don't work out ever. Because all the yoga and weight lifting is such a shock to my system, I'm actually already noticing results with just a few times under my belt. In that, my belts, they are looser. That's probably really obnoxious to people that work out every single day and whose bodies are so in shape that they're just used to it. To which I say: don't worry. All the good I'm doing is sure to be erased with the week I've got coming up.

Sunday night: Szichuan Hot Pot!

Monday: RW @ Art & Soul!

Tuesday: RW @ Farrah Olivia!

Thursday: RW @ Mio!

Saturday: Restaurant Eve for mom's bday!

Slightly trimmer waist, it was really nice seeing you. Hope we meet again sometime soon. Or maybe this is all just an illusion and I feel thinner without all the extra weight I was carrying around on my head. (I just chopped off many many inches of my hair.)

And on to non narcissistic things: you know what's a delightful snack? Sugar snap peas and tzatziki sauce. Try it! You'll like it!


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