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Thursday, August 20, 2009

See Also: Eating Filets with some Lillet; Parking Ferraris with some Campari

I am loving Dave Bry's posts on The Awl. His public appologies are everything the internet could have been but haven't been so far. And he has some good things to say about hip hop, too. As I've cataloged here to some degree, I just sweat The Awl in general. I'd like to conceive a child with Alex Balk, maybe over email. Choire's newsletters are just the greatest. His chats with Tom Socha are what I hope the aliens are paying attention to instead of cable news. And Ryan Adams is doing something there soon? Anyway, back to what I started this post to talk about: Run This Town. Bry failed to mention the most hilarious part of the whole song. Which is when Kanye talks about "beasting on some Riesling." A high class problem? Or just completely absurd? You be the judge.


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