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Monday, June 14, 2010

The A Team is the Perfect Summer Blockbuster

Last night I left my incredibly hot and muggy house to be embraced by the air conditioned haven that is the movie theater. I was thrilled to be there in general, so pretty much terrible across the board reviews for The A Team didn't really bother me. But now they just confound me. This was the perfect summer blockbuster. The plot grew and became more complex and engaging by actually furthering the plot rather than throwing in random additional villains or screwball scenarios. The characters were fantastic and really well played (with the occasional exception of B.A., but I chose to view the actor's performance as a campy nod to the original series rather than a spoiler for the whole movie). Liam Neeson is quite the silver fox, Bradley Cooper needs to call me, and Sharlto Copley plays crazy like nobody else. It was full of clever one liners and hot make out scenes. The exposition was just enough to make the impossible things they're doing make sense within the movie. The explosions were crazy awesome and choreographed and beautiful. INSANE THINGS HAPPEN, like FLYING A TANK. If this is not what people want out of a summer action movie, then people are crazy. It was even on the correct side of things politically! Go see The A Team.


Blogger Budd said...

I liked it too. My review can be found at SciFi Media. I assume you are talking about Black Forest. It was entertaining and fun though.

2:27 PM  

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