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Monday, December 13, 2004

5 Christmas parties down, 39 to go

Hello my friendlies. It's Monday morning, so you know what that means ... nonsensical weekend recap! It's that time where I try and remember everything that happened over the course of the last few days, and then cram as many references to the lighthearted as I possibly can into something short enough for my ADD-afflicted friends to not give up on. Ahhh, the torture of too much content and limited space, when oh when will I find a happy semblence of form and function? The agony!

So. I am a very tired little stretch this morning because I didn't get home from the Skins game till about 1:30. Much to Steve's chagrin, JackMack & I made it out of the parking lot, before the estimated 300 years were up. No search party will be necessary, no fossils will be found. It was a tough game, and by boys faught hard. The fans were intense, the competition was high, and we gave the Eagles a hell of a run for their money. That's this season's story - close games with frustrating endings. Oh well, I had a great time tailgating (me and 10 or 12 of my guy buddies. Upon pondering why I was the only girl there, Tony informed me it's cause I'm "like the only hot actual skins fan. That's a girl." Thanks Toner). Got tuff with Jack, ran into Motrain, saw lots of other heads, saw a skins fan make an Eagles fan cry... it was a good time. Coles tore shit up, Ramsey (save the game-ending interception pass) looked pretty tight, and our defense - as always - was beast as hell, McNabb & TO didn't do a whole hell of a lot. All in all, it was a hardfaught battle and I'm proud of my Redskins. And scene.

Alright, moving backwards in the time machine...Saturday I saw Finding Neverland, which was beautiful and wonderful and Johnny Depp is amazing and I loved it. My realtor, aka most adorable person alive, Kelly, had her holiday party that night, which was lots of fun, particularly because she has these two little dogs that look like cartoons. Then I met up with Natasha and Michael and headed over to the Dirty Sugar show at the State Theater. We got to watch Jenna & Liz pawn condoms and candy canes to the crowd while wearing fish nets, go go boots, and mini santa skirts. Also got to hang out with lots of tuff guys and watch Liz and Mike, and Jenna and Mark make lovey dovey eyes at each other all night. The requisite after party at Granite Creek followed the show, and a cab ride home with Iva (at 5:30am) made me not pass out there for once. Score!

And, Friday. After a rock em sock em Thursday night, the thought of putting on semi formal attire and getting my jingle bell rock on wasn't too thrilling. But I rallied and had just a lovely time at the DU Semiformal. Errr, I mean, Sean & Danny's Christmas party. Because I couldn't really not, I took the opportunity to meet up with Sarah & Kasey at the Front Page - in inappropriate attire. We distributed the trustability poll, met lots of people, had to elicit the help of some bouncers, and drank beer & white russians. All in all, I'd call it a success. BTW, I think I owe one or both of you some money for beers, because BWM ushered me out before I could pay you. BTW #2, layover and future long layover from Peru confirmed. Oh, Peru!

And, now you know. I've attended 5 Christmas parties in the past week, and have about 7 more to go over the next couple. I think I'm gonna have to start weeding out my friends. I'm a little overbooked right now. Psych, I like you all, continue having parties, and wanting me to come. I like parties, and you, and Christmas. I'm just sleepy.



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