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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Danny Yu

So last night Danny Yu told me he only invites me to his parties because he wants to be mentioned on my blog. So, Danny Yu, you happy? Danny Yu, I hope you are. Which is why he was so upset that I didn't leave the front page and go to his party. But, if you were drinking free beers with the bartender out of special UNC cups that she'd had printed, would you go to an apartment party? And if you were the first level of defense to protect people from Tuddy's wrath before they tried to order drinks from the service area (but actually just let 'em fry, cause watching Tuddy take 'em down was more fun), would you have left? And if you were drinking with Sarah Daniels, would you have left? (Perhaps only to go to the Guards, because the universe apparently wanted me there last night, but I paid no attention to the signs.) Yeah, probably not. So here you are, Danny Yu. I was glad that you made it down to the FP. Particularly when you come in tow with a drunk Coleman, and a Sean O'Connor who took me seriously when I brushed my shoulder off at him, called me a bitch and walked away (them's just jokes Sean, them's just jokes). Anyhow, Danny Yu, I hope you've enjoyed your moment in the sun.

No, don't expect to be seeing any comments from Danny Yu, because he assured me that by no means would he, Danny Yu, be leaving a comment.


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