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Friday, March 18, 2005

No witty title is coming to mind...

I am sitting here thoroughly in a haze, as last night was quite a good time. I went to dunkin donuts this morning and got their new steak egg & cheese not order this. It was definitely more like salisbury steak than anything else. Blech. I'd have to say the highlight of last night was, while standing at the bar and looking in the mirror behind it, when Liz and I decided that we're such different sizes it looks like we're not part of the same species. Seriously, my head dwarfs hers. Or, her head gargantuanizes mine. We definitely need Jenna as the buffer between the two of us, because when it's just us, we look absurd. Or at least, I look absurd in all my hugeness by comparison. There should be a double letter in there somewhere, but I'm not sure where. Also got to bond with the guy who sold me my car, and plan the Battle of the Air Bands party, which if we pull it off could prove to be the
That's about all I got right now. Party on Wayne.


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