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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Just Because

I was trolling around Friendster & My Space for no good reason, and found a few pictures I enjoy and wish to share with the world at large:

The guys (minus a few) at Tech's graduation last year. I took this picture, not too shabby, huh? Magic finger through the ear, gets Steg every time. (That's Sam Young, Chris Hoy, Jan Sterbutzel and Matt Stegmaier, for those inquiring minds that want to know.)

Daaaaaaaaaayum Ruddock!!

This is Alan. We're going to San Diego in May and it's gonna rock. That's why he has a guitar.

Somehow, because fate is a funny funny thing, Becca Berman connects me on Friendster to every guy I have no desire to be connected to. All of her friends are friends with guys from my past. It's truly odd. I still love her though.

She's my friend on Friendster, so that means we're friends for real...right?

This is just because Liz and Kelly (not pictured) read my blog all the time from Emory. I do appreciate the ATL lovin. And Grebs just makes me laugh, if for nothing more than the memory of her passing out over first base in a kickball game.

Tyler & David Wain: BFF! Tyler & Amanda: BBF! (Tyler = blonde headed kid on the right)

Hey, look who I found! I think the last time I saw Sean Lutkenhouse was when he took Stacy & I out on a date, highlighted by the Bodyguard soundtrack, because it was the most romantic CD in his parents' collection.

Really, every day can use a little more Pielsticker.

And let me wish a very happy birthday to the one and only Bobby Rhatigan. I'll be going over to his and Jack's (see below) and Steven's new place tonight to celebrate. They live all of 2.5 miles from me. Wooooooooohoooo! (got this one off google, not friendster)

How perfect is this? Jack cutting the girl out of the picture. Cracks me up.

And in summation:
gdariusjr: i just did a presentation in my Econonics class
gdariusjr: and my example was based on the footloose tractor scene
gdariusjr: at the end i was like, let me add that Kevin Bacon only stayed on cause his shoelace was caught, a hidden externality


Blogger Wombat Esq. said...

is it just me, or does it look like chris hoy pissed his pants in that picture. yeah thats right hoy, i exposed your secret to the world, enjoy the ridicule.

10:01 PM  

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