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Friday, March 18, 2005

Amanda Mattos Hearts The O.C.

Not a secret. But as I'm currently filled with much much love after a really good episode, thought I'd share some favorite O.C. links, etc. with you, my loyal fan base (chuckle chuckle). I don't actually read these things religiously, but a little Cohen does tend to brighten up a work day that's dragging on.

Let's start with a picture of a gloriously referential and rewarding moment:

Oh you guys :)

USA Today's weekly pop culture reference run down: Every week they run down all the references made in the show and define them.

The OC Files: Episode guides are good, particularly because they feature qutoes and PICTURES from each episode. Takes a few days to get quotes and pics up, but always fun (and the source of the pictures on here).

TV Tome's OC page: TV Tome is a good site for all things tv, but it's another really good source for answering those "wait, what was it that Seth said to Ryan about CPK?" kinds of questions. Triviatastic.

Essay: My favorite pop culture blogger directed me to this article that sounds like something I would have written in college, discussing the merits of the OC, in particular light of the Mallpisode.

Quiz: Which OC character are you most like? Apparently, I'm Kirstin. See my stats below :)

Television Without Pity: Sometimes the reviews and recaps here are a little too cynical for my tastes (I love to love tv unconditionally), but they're often funny.

OC Madlibs: That game you played on the bus to your elementary school field trips is back, and more scandalous than ever!

And lastly, let's give three cheers as favorite couple #2 moves closer to reunion:


Just took a which character are you most like quiz:

You scored as Kirsten. You are a perfectionist. Be weary of being too rigid and limiting your openness to varied experiences. Neat freaks are just as irrational as slobs. A half messy person is, in fact, the ideal. Optimal evolution (according to the research) is dependent on a sufficient amount of random variation and being overly regimented inhibits variation.



























What OC character are you?
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Anonymous lizzer said...

I got Anna. this stupid comment thing won't let me post the results, but Julie came in a close second, with Marissa a VERY close third. Eeegads!

11:51 AM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

Some good news!!

I didn't want to annoy you readers with another OC-centric post, so for the comment checkers out there -

OH HAPPY DAY! Fox has renewed the OC for a 3rd season. Here's a story:

4:21 PM  
Blogger Stake said...

yeah i'm also fully filled with love after seen OC Season.gr8 show.thanks for sharing some oc links,favorite etc.i like it.

3:27 AM  
Blogger dpiercex7 said...

Great show, great cast and fantastic storyline. Love to Download The OC TV Show online.

10:33 AM  
Blogger dwyane said...

I am a huge fan of TV shows. The OC is the best show and my favorite too. I regular Watch The OC TV Show on net. And I have downloaded some of my favorite episodes of this show.

1:22 PM  

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