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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

ROCK volume ii

Inspired by a truly great concert on Saturday night (which was part of a weekend that I fully intend on recapping as soon as I get the time), Liz and I have fanned the flames for our concert going ways. We just bought tickets to go to all of the following concerts at the Black Cat. Come one, come all!

Eagles of Death Metal, 4/6

The Kills, 4/13

Mousetrap (brit pop dance party), 4/16

Ben Lee (!), 4/22

Louis XIV, 4/28

Plastic People of the Universe, 5/26

Raveonettes, 5/28

And, to confirm, the HFStival lives! Tickets go on sale this weekend, and Liz and I (and likely Jenna and little Eckert) will be in attendance. Line up is pretty solid, so I'm not gonna focus on the fact that we'll be some of the few attendees who didn't make out with someone to procure our wrist bands. Up the non-adolescent numbers and get your tickets!

Most exciting summer tour announcements I've heard about are Weezer and The Black Crowes, but as of yet haven't heard about any DC dates. Tomorrow night's Dogs Die in Hot Cars and Phoenix show is gonna be effing great. Go watch the Phoenix videos on their website for "Too Young" and "funky squaredance" for some fantastic fancy free video making.

And, for your viewing pleasure...

Here, we have Phoenix:

And here, we have DDIHC:


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