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Friday, April 01, 2005

I have an American friend who SAYS

Despite being terribly upset over the loss of Mitch Hedberg, I had a hell of a time at the Phoenix/DDIHC show last night. It ended up being Tyler, Jean, Drew and I, soaking up the atmosphere with alternative dc kids and french imports with fancy haircuts, steadily grooving to the jerky Scottish vocals and muppet-inspired keyboards from Dogs Die in Hot Cars, and the oh so French and kissable vocals and rainbow-producing guitars of Phoenix. I could seriously listen to Thomas Mars saying "SAYs" and "everythin" for hours on end. Tyler got so excited during "Too Young" that he blacked out for a minute. It was pretty frickin sweet. Phoenix is a band that hails from Paris, so apparently the entire contingent of young French imports in the DC area attended the show and stood right up front. They yelled things in French the entire time, and the extremely American audience that comprised all rows beyond the 1st & 2nd were yelling anything they could think of in French (forgive my spelling, don't know jack about French) - "merci," "pepe le pew," "voule vou couche avec moi," "croisant," "je tem," etc...

Seriously, look at them - they're just SO FRENCH:

Both bands were really tight (as in well practiced, but also as in "yo dat shit's tight), and feature strong front men who are charismatic and easy on the eyes.

Thomas Mars of Phoenix (who we decided looks like Jason Schwartzman + Adam Levine):
+ =

Craig Macintosh of DDIHC (who we agreed bears a striking resemblance to Jeremy Sisto mixed with our very own Dan Crenshaw):
+ =
(side note: dan, your google image search is hilarious)

Perhaps the most laughable element of the evening was the fact that the female keyboardist from DDIHC was the most muppety person I've ever seen in my life. There was simultaneous recognition of her muppetude amongst my friends. I couldn't find a solo pic of her, so you'll have to just interpret what you can from this group shot...and imagine lots of furious head shaking:

Rapid recap of the week gone by's events, as I have been too busy working and/or enjoying myself to do it justice: INTERPOL!, time is like a broken watch, osama bin laden's speech writer, "my bangs feel very rock 'n roll right now," "i just poured beer down my face," my friend, Ashish, the ticket fairy, jellyfish/parachutes, Alyssa Belle: never drives the same car twice, Robbins Eggs for dinner, Tom Toms and the free drink/phife/whoopsies/jumbo slice bonanza, Kuttin Heads, beer dropsies, free RBVs, the resurgence of PERU, vailed mysogeny & shit talking, the little giant, hell for an organized person, SERVICE AREA ONLY, mexicali blues and bad table manners, PJ Skadoos and seeing elementary school friends back that ass up, so much lunch with Drizew, Rock Bottom with its blonde explosion, past blasts, HtoHs, more PERU, wacky Jill time, and prospects. And, well, that just about takes us back up to...last night!

And tonight, the train just keeps on rollin, as GAVIN IS IN TOWN!!! I think it's safe to say, that nothing sober can come of this.


Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

Apparently dan's image link is no longer working. If you're interested, search "dan crenshaw" in google images. He's the first one...

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