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Monday, June 27, 2005

In Brief

I've got many a thing to blog about. In true A.Mattos fashion there's a list sitting on my desk. However, right now, my boyfriend is on, so I'll just have to share thoughts on one thing. I just had a most lovely discussion with Gavin, where (among several other ADD trails of thought) we discussed Passions, the most absurd of absurdities. I desperately tried to find video footage that I saw on Best Week Ever this weekend where Tabitha pretty much fended off a stuffed velveteen paw on a pole. The best I could find was the official Passions photo gallery. Please note the pictures of Tabitha - I really like how they used images from several different eras and shoots. OK screw it, let's look at some more Jon boy.

Aaaaand, good night!


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