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Monday, June 20, 2005

Bestill my stinker heart


*Double sniff.

Too stinky cute for words. This bright shining moment in your Monday morning brought to you courtesy of Stacy Helbing, and viewers like you.

A big

goes out to Mr. Drew whose appendix was taken from him suddenly this weekend. This was only after he threw one heck of a good party, at which I enjoyed myself thoroughly. The Bungalow BBQ was also good, for the several moments I was there. And to hear BWM tell the tales, it sounds as though it got quite a lot gooder as the night went on. (I'm applying such horrible grammar here because this was an evening in which 3 kegs of ice house were kicked by 11:00, and more than $150 was collected for a beer run. I thought it fitting.)

Also, a big announcement: I no longer am slave to the world's most derranged cell phone!!! I went this weekend and replaced the world's biggest POS with a sleek Motorolla:

For those of you who didn't know, my phone was completely derranged. The caller ID was completely warped; when people called, it would swap names - i.e., anytime Beth called, it said Lucas Edwards. Anytime Gavin called, it said Gramma & Grampa. Anytime most people called, it said No ID. It also erased all but about 15 of my stored numbers, called the wrong people, turned on and off at will, and was just plain insane. But now, I am a part of the new generation, and plan to send many, many picture messages. Ooooooooooh yeah!

Yesterday also saw the procurement of a slow cooker (who wants to come over tomorrow for a stew of some kind?), an iced tea maker and a new coffee maker (the french press doesn't always quite cut it) -- all things I've had my eye on for quite a while and were on sale at Linens 'n Things. Although, annoyingly, both my mom and I forgot our coupons -- of which we each have approximately a jillion. Oh well, next time! Did you know that you can use LNT coupons at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and vice versa? FUN FACT!

Later tater tots.


Anonymous aaron said...

as i sit here eating my healthy choice b-b-q beef and potatoes with a corn/peas combo side dish, i am compelled to read the delightful forays you undertake to describe your life and the ensuing adventures. within the words i am jolted into an epiphany that i am eating a healthy choice microwaved dinner, the ultra-lean cuisine meal that couldn't sate a 3 year old, while you bluster through life utilizing crock pots and attend concerts sipping your fancy drinks and dissecting the populace into stereotypical classes that exist but are not fully represented in the census. i used to do that. but alas, i am well on my way to becoming a middle class, white picket fence, 2.5 children man all of my own debating between which serving ware i want to register for and whether i would prefer cobalt blue to robin's egg blue on the walls of my guest bathroom. i am 25 and i chose to wake up at 7:00am on a saturday to replace the brake lights on my jeep and weed my front garden. but through all this, please remember: i, nor anyone in the acc, fears the turtle. and that's got to mean something.

1:08 PM  

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