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Thursday, June 09, 2005

"The" Challenge

After being teased by Drew for my encyclopedic knowledge of bands whose names start with the word "The," I decided to play a little game whilst battling the beltway on the way into ye old office this morning. The challenge: go through the alphabet and name a "The" band for every letter. U is still vexxing me, but here are the results:

  1. The Arcade Fire
  2. The Blue Van
  3. The Cars/The Caesars
  4. The Decemberists/The Dead 60s
  5. The Eels
  6. The Features
  7. The Go Go's
  8. The Hives
  9. The Interpol.....psych - I know I had one this morning, must think on this one a bit.
  10. The J......yar, can't remember my answer here either. But I just cheated and looked at, and apparently there's a band called The Januaries. Amanda and the Augusts new album hits stores soon.....
  11. The Kills/The Killers/The Kinks
  12. The Living End
  13. The Montgomery Burns Band
  14. The New Pornographers
  15. The Octopus
  16. The Pixies
  17. The Q.....I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess there's a band out there called The Quadrilaterals, or The Questions. Blowin' up a suburbian basement near you!
  18. The Rapture
  19. The Sounds
  20. The Thes
  21. The Used
  22. The Vines
  23. The Wrens
  24. The Xies (ok, this is really spelled The Exies, but, I'm grasping at straws here)
  25. The Youngbloods
  26. The Zutons
And there you have it folks.


Anonymous tyler said...

I - The Instigators (although I'm not sure if they exist, it definitely sounds like a DC ska band from 1994)

J - The Jackson 5, The Jayhawks, The Jam

Q - The Queers

2:43 PM  

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