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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's like lookin in a mirror

Robbie Tommasone tells me I look like Diane Kruger (of Troy and National Treasure). I haven't seen either, but I have no problems with comparissons to the face that sailed a thousand ships.

This lead me down the rabbit hole of thought of other celebs people have told me I look like through the years...

As a child (not kidding here), people used to stop my mom on the street and tell her I looked like Kendall from All My Children (which we didn't watch). However, later in life I discovered that that was none other than the one and only SMG!

My cousins and some family friends also swear up and down I look just like Kate Winslet...

At senior prom, I was a dead ringer for Lori Singer (what with all the footloose I was cutting).

And some friends in college were adamant about my resemblance to Holly from Road Rules.

Then that lead me to think about other celeb look alikes in my little universe. First of all, there is of course, my mom:

AKA, Diane Keaton. Particularly in the Annie Hall days, but still, there's a powerful strong resemblance. If that bodes well for my aging prospects, then rock n roll. My momma's so pretty.
Then there's my best friend, Meagan Burke. Between the new chick on As The World Turns, Charisma Carpenter and Katie Holmes, she's definitely locked down in there somewhere.

Beth definitely gets some Katie Holmes points too.

And while we're talking about Beth, there's her boyfriend Josh - a combination of these two:

While we're in Arizona, let's talk about how much John Gilmore resembles our very own Jack Bauer:

Back east, we've got Jayne McGowan as Kirsten Dunst,

Laura Mellis as Audrey Tautou,

My boss Josette as Xena, Warrior Princess,

Matt Burke as Beck (no, not this Matt Burke....the one google isn't helping me find a picture of),

(and yes, I do realize this post would be must funnier with either comparissons or pictures of the poeple I know rather than the celebs they resemble, but, well, that would take a lot more planning and photo gathering, and I don't heart the blog that much....except i do and went and googled for as many as I could. Links apply where found.)

Allison Frey as Lauren Graham,

Jenna Pirog as Maggie Gyllenhal,

Dan Crenshaw as the dude from Roswell,

Tyler as......

Paul Evans as the guy from Grey's Anatomy & The Wedding Planner

Alan's sister as (apparently) Rachel Billson,

Ashley Frazier as Stephanie Tanner,

Laura Cowden as Cameron Diaz,

Jennie Moline as Gia from Full House (according to Kevin & Joey),

Drew Dillon as Ralph Fiennes in Quiz Show,

Another one: Anna "Bean" Eckert (Liz's little sis) looks JUST like Princess Charlotte of Monaco. This pic of Anna doesn't show exactly how much, but it's a LOT:

Anna (on left):


Aaaaaaaaaand.......that's all I got for right now. Got any others? Got pics of the people I'm comparing? Fire away!!


Blogger ike said...

you'd need an old old picture of me to catch the Ralph Fiennes thing

11:25 AM  
Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

Being told that you look like the people you named is a good thing.(I have such a crush on Kate Winslett-Wheeew!) Just passing through, I am liking the blog by the way. Have any friends that look like Natalie Portman??

12:11 PM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

And another vote for me lookalikes from Liz:

LKE16: and you look more like the girl when you dont actually look too closely

4:24 PM  

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