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Saturday, May 28, 2005

That shit is bananas! B-a-n-a-n-a-s!

A mid-weekend post - try not to explode from excitement. I don't wanna have to clean that shit up. Last night was highly hilarious, and deserves some bloggy attention.

First of all though, Thursday night was also fun with Tyler and Alan. The only way to beat it is to bat it down.

Anyhow, so....Liz and I had been planning on getting liberated last night. After hangin out at Diana's bbq for a bit, I headed into the city (me and gazillions of hogs). Patrick and Nadiene came over and we went into Adams Morgan for some pre-liberation barring. After watching Joe spin at an Ethiopian restaurant, we went over to Roxanne. I was at the bar getting a drink, when I was approached by what I can only hope was someone being filmed for a practical joke/reality dating show. This guy was in his early 30s, wearing a short sleeve button up shirt with a swirly blue, green and yellow pattern all over it, and took a stance against the bar that showed off his tremendously large belly. That's when he hit me with what I can honestly say is the worst pick up line I have ever heard. Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't know that a genuine pick up line has ever been used on me. But now, well, I can join the auspicious ranks of the horribly hit upon.
Sketchball: You know who you remind me of?
Me: Who?
Sketchball: Someone I have to meet.
Me: *laughter*
Sketchball: Why are you laughing?
Me: *laughter*
Sketchball: You're a giggly one, I bet you're...ticklish.
Me: *getting more and more creeped out*
Sketchball: You must have really good hearing.
Me: What?
Sketchball: Those earrings must weigh a ton! You must have great hearing!
Me: That doesn't even make any sense.

The saga continued, through his administration of a personality test, up until he spilled my drink all over me, didn't get me a new one, and I promptly left.

After that, it was time for liberation! We met up with Motrain and Joe, fresh from the Bright Eyes/The Faint show, for an alt rockin good time. Joe was so housed he somehow made his way home shortly thereafter, but Chris, Liz and I closed down DC9. It was all kinds of fun. We, of course, capped the night off with a visit to Manny & Olga's ("You know somebody named Olga?!"), and apparently I'm the only one of the three who remembers anything past leaving the bar. Me, the most sober! Ha! Then this mornin there was lots of hilarious pallin around (Luna will from here on be known as Cellestes. And Chris desperately wants to lick the greasy plate. And what ya gonna do with an EC and no TV?). Me and Chris made the long drive home...or at least, to the Vienna metro where his car was parked. With rolling thunder in town, there was no shortage of diversions.
Me: If you're gonna have a bike, why...why would you get one that's turquoise?
Mottram: Maybe he's native american. They just love turqouise.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who had a wild night:
Cat5268: i booted last night for the 2nd time in my life.....everyone was buying me shots, and i went into the bathroom, sat down on the floor and puked all over myself!!! sooooooooooooo embarassing

Now I'm gettin ready to go see Rilo Kiley at 9:30 club. Should be AWESOME! I'm foregoing the Raveonettes at Black Cat for RK. Can't wait to see Jenny Lewis, of childhood acting fame, and the rest of the band be frickin awesome. And, apparently, she may be dating Jake Gyllenhaal.


Update! The concert was, in fact, so great. I was uber impressed by Rilo Kiley ~ great stage presence, sounded incredibly tight, Jenny Willis played several instruments and it was muy impressivo, and the guitarist/male vocalist looked like George McFly (who was hilarious and talented...but so mcfly-ish). They played all of my favorite songs and then some. The highlight was when Bright Eyes came out for "With My Arms Outstretched." Even though I'm not a Bright Eyes fan, my little indie rock heart was all a flutter. For the last song of the encore, both opening bands, bright eyes, and a baby joined the rest of Rilo Kiley on stage and they played a little accoustic version of "Let My Love Open The Door," which was really really great (and a song which is conspicuously absent from iTunes, any download tips please get to hollarin'). Afterwards, Drizew and I went over to Liz's, then made our way to DC9. Fun thing #1: The bouncer remembered me from the night before and didn't need to see my ID. Fun thing #2: As we were enjoying our beers downstairs (before drew departed and we ponied up 10 bucks for electrotease), we look behind us and realize that several members of Bright Eyes are standing about a foot away from us at the bar. No Conor Oberst, but the rest of 'em. Shortly thereafter, we realize that mr. bright eyes himself has ladelled himself into a booth (which wasn't surprising given his lack of sobriety when onstage at 930). Liz and I made our way up to electrotease (which was pretty much a more crowded, more electro sinth liberation), which was being guest-dj'd by a guy from The Smiths, so there was a whole lot of 80s glam goin on. Liz and I both decided that "Hey, I don't really like your music!" wasn't a great conversation starter, so we left our brushes with celebrity to ordering beers in tandum, and swaying around the dance floor. Still, kinda thrilling. It was a rockin good time.


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