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Friday, May 20, 2005

Dark days ahead

Well my friends, that fateful time of year has come upon us. Last night we said goodbye to our beloved OC until next fall. It's been a rough and tumble year. At the outset, things didn't look so good. Story lines dragged, sexual identities were toyed with, there was a lot of live music, our favorite couples weren't even close to being together. Had The OC lost its spark? Was season one a fluke? Nay. Everything started to turn around with that spiderman kiss, and the mallpisode. Yes, that's right, possibly the two most made fun of elements of this season, but that's where the show started to take a hold of its roots and ramp things up to a fantastic pitch. I'm still not wild about all the Sandy/Kirsten turmoil, but I think things there have gotten back on track. Anyhow, last night some close friends, and their moms, came over for cocktails, fine dining, and salacious soapy deliciousness. Per-usual, I'll stay away from spoilers, but let me just say that this year's was about 3,000% better than last year's finale, and it rocked my world. And Jimmy's line to Haley about the north shore - priceless. In the words of WuhSarah, "There are about 10 people in teh world that got that joke, and 6 of them are in this room." The whole room - which included Diane Helbing, so this is a true feat - was dead silent for about a full minute at the end there. I don't think I breathed for about that long. Anyhow, though I'm annoyed they're calling it "the summer season," I'm glad they'll be rerunning this season this summer. Why don't shows ever do that anymore? I enjoy a good mid-summer start up reality show as much as the next guy, but do we really need to unleash the entire crop of shows executives felt weren't strong enough to premeire durring the real season in the summer? Granted, my diatribe is a double edged sword, as The OC itself started up in the summer. But I like to think of that as an artistic choice based on the timing of Ryan's unfortunate incarceration, and the ramping up that was necessary before Ryan Atwood took on Harbor High. But I digress. So, my fair readers, this will likely be the last OC recap post you'll see for several months. But let me make the following announcement:

The OC, Season 2 will be released on DVD ON MY BIRTHDAY (August 23 for the rookies in the crowd). If I do not receive it as a gift, I will disown you all.

Because there aren't any pictures online yet that I could find from last night, I'll part with a picture from prom last week - "Seth Cohen's a tool!" ~

Those of you that didn't watch the episode, this will probably mean nothing to you, or the good lines will be spoiled, so stop reading:

"Apparently mom's a drunk and today's the intervention, so plan your afternoon accordingly."

"I don't think he's trying to kick bagels."

"At least you don't have everyone asking you if you were the guy that burned down his model home and caused Caleb to have his first heart attack."

"Really? That's surprising considering you met her face down in a pool."

"The way things are going, I bet that's Oliver."


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