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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Greetings and whatnot

First and foremost, I want to wish a very happy birthday to the one and only Catherine L. Pax! Paximus Maximus! Cat Evans! Ye of the soft skin and black, white and hot pink clothing ~ I'm very glad you were born!!

And another happy birthday shout to one Steve Sakole - without you, Dr. Pepper and Captain Morgan may have gone out of business a long time ago.

Also, welcome back to NoVa Tyler, and welcome back to the east coast, Alan.

AND, a big huge thanks to Mr. Drew for the crucial mp3 burning. You rule!

Now that we've taken care of business, it's time for a new posty subject. I came across something yesterday discussing best kisses on Buffy ~ which lead me to think of my favorite all time TV kisses. Some are definitely from Buffy (duh), but, hey, it's to be expected. Let's take a look-see:

1. Buffy & Angel kissing before he's sucked into a hell dimension

The pinacle moment of my BTVS obsession, and one of the most heartbreaking scenes in all of tv, movies, books, whatever.

2. Ross & Rachel's first kiss

We all waited for it for a season and a half. Though I do heart the one with the prom video and "he's her lobster," this kiss is really my favorite.

3. Pacey finally kisses Joey

Once again, my favorite moment in their story arc is when she runs after him and they sail off together, but after so much dawson moping, and angst, this kiss was a great pay off.

4. Spike & Buffy at the end of the musical

Though the whole Spike & Buffy romance will never be what Angel & Buffy is, it was good for the time, and we waited a long time to see these two sworn enemies play tonsel hockey.

5. Angel & Buffy on "Angel"

Another heart breaker, Angel's human for a day and he and Buffy finally get to be a normal couple - but only he will ever remember it. The crucial on-the-kitchen-table doin it is great to.

6. SD6 falls, Syd & Vaughn finally get to kiss

Their unspoken and impossible love was finally possible, and without saying a word they both just rushed each other. It was flippin fantastic. (Side note: Gigantic WTF to the season finale - holy shit what the hell??)

7. Marissa & Ryan finally kiss on the ferris wheel

Internet is failing me somewhat, can't find a pic of this actual kiss. But this "we're finally back together" kiss is also quite good. Also, I'm realizing the vast majority of these are first kisses - but it's only fair. The first one is so anticipated, and always marks a milestone. TV gold. Anyhow, he saved her life and protected her honor about umpteen times before these two finally get together. And the scene's really sweet with his whole fear of heights and whatnot.

8. Seth & Summer on the coffee cart

They're dating! And everybody knows it! Glorious!

9. Buffy finale - Angel comes back kiss

(Sorry the pic is so dark - it's a dark show) Yes, the love at that time was Spike, but when Angel shows up to help buffy, and they beat Caleb, and she just drops they sythe and kisses's glorious confirmation that they've still got the love and sometime down the road in fictiontown they'll end up together. Yuh huh. Watching this with a bunch of girlfriends and the squeal-o-meter going through the roof also adds to my love for it.

10. Luke & Laurelai

The couple everybody knew should be on Gilmore Girls finally got together at the end of last year. This picture is from that kiss, though I think my actual favorite L&L kiss is from this year when they break up and she's a wreck and he comes over and they kiss in the doorway and it's great.

11. Clark & Lana

Basically any kiss with them, as the show doesn't much like for them to spend time as an actual couple, but getting to watch the two most absurdly good looking people ever kiss is always great.

How bout you?


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