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Monday, May 30, 2005

State of the Blog

Good evening my friendlies. Doin a little blog maintenance as I watch the summer's first installment of reality drivel (and in case you're curious, thus far it's wholly uninteresting, no big surprise there). I was stoked to see that DC Blogs linked to my last post re: worst pickup attempt ever (to be said in comic book guy voice). This lead me to update my Links sidebar ~

DCist - a member of the "ist" family of blogs that began with Gothamist (about NYC). This could be described as a blog, but it's really more of a publication; great articles about what's going on in and around DC, from events to points of interest to observations. A great regular read, and a great local resource.

DCeiver - another DC area blog whose focus on music was what drew me there initially, but its observatory stance is always interesting.

DC Blogs - a collection of local bloggers that notes articles of interest and categorizes the links. And, they linked to me, so in the incestuous world of blogging....right back atcha.

Here's A Hint - the DC music scene in a nutshell.


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