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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Verdict's In

No, nothing about MJ. Soooooooooooo tired of that guy.

The verdict I'm referring to is my opinion on the new White Stripes album.

High marks.

Some of the reviews I've read have said it's too experimental, Jack White's pushed the envelope too far this time. But I just don't agree. I think it's fantastic. I'll wax more poetic when I don't have a stack of writing assignments in front of me.

Go buy it. It's great.

Also, this is hilarious. My favorite has got to be Evil Snuggle Bear. Thanks to the Gavin for the linkage. In his own words, he only saves the best for me. ;)


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Not everyone agrees with me here. For some interesting debate on this topic, check out Pop Goes the Culture:

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