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Saturday, June 11, 2005

"Ladies Night"

Well, ladies night turned into liberation and late night extravaganza at Liz & Jenna's. We had a great time. Click on the link above to see my pics (mostly captured by Nadine's "Wildlife Photography"). Here are a few faves:

This cracks me up because of its resemblance to this:

A lovely group shot at Anzou (?)

"Amanda needs the clips out of her hair IMMEDIATELY!"

Not feeling very re-capy, but it was a fun night!


People have apparently been having problems with Snapfish, so I put the pics on Kodak too (Webshots uploading software for macs blows goats). Go here to see them.

(Liz, I didn't put them all up cause they weren't all winners. You can see them when you come swimming later. )


Anonymous lizzer said...

1. the link will not take me to any pictures. even AFTER setting up an account. i need picctures!

2. i have the strangest urge to watch Season 1 of the OC NOW.

3. We were so OBVIOUS

4. somee guy named shwa called me. i vaguely remember meeting him. i vaguely remember his vague answer as to how he can be a musician and afford to live in the city.

5. i didnt answer.

That is all, goodnight.

you notsmelly stinky e.k.e.

2:17 AM  

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