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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Raindrops on roses...

Much like Oprah and Julie Andrews, from time to time I like to take account of a few of my favorite things. Here's a little listy action for ya.

My Stinker Friendlies*Buffy*DVRs*Interpol*Harry Potter*"God Only Knows" and "Don't Worry Baby"*The Internet*Popsicles*Beech Tree Sheets*Indie Rock*Cold Beer*Kittens*Luna*Missy*UVA*Late Night Alt Rock Dance Parties*The Fourth of July*Walking around in mud*Soaps on CBS*THE REDSKINS*Brunch*Lunch with said stinker friendlies*Live Music*Writing*Laughing*Getting splotchy*Hyacinths*Sports Movies*Instant Messenger*Sigmarificness*Driveway Basketball*Picking Up Sticks*Flashlight Tag*Swimming*My Mom*Pseudo cousins and aunts/uncles*Baking Cookies*Sneezing*Countdown Shows*Stickers*Blowing Bubbles*Dinner Parties*My Dad*My Job*Caramel Machiatos*Pictures*Inside Jokes*Quoting TV & Movies*Apricoting Alarm Clocks*Happy Hours*Mash Ups*Wide Eyed Wonder*Tower Records*Stone Harbor*London*The British Museum*Reading*Giving Presents*My Birthday*Mitch Hedberg*Clothes!*Brownies*Asparagus*Steamed Clams*Chips & Dip*Coca Cola Classic*Eating Outside*Dog Naming Service*Vienna*Halloween*The Halloween Parade*My iPod*TV on DVD*Tuffness*Planting Flowers*Balloons*Clever People*Albert Einstein*Helen Keller Jokes*The OC*My Flowered Doc Martins*My junior prom dress*My VW*Kissing*MP3s*Blogs*BBQs*Picking Crabs*Cooking*John Donne*Yeats*Encapsulated Culture*Chocolate Chip Cookies*Prime Rib*Blue Blanky*My Betsy Johnson Cherry Dress*Accessories*SHOES*Corky*Fireflies*Corn on the Cob*......

OK, I'm all blissed out thinking of all these things. It's not an all encompassing list, but it's a start :) What are a few of YOUR favorite things?


Anonymous EKE said...

oooh pick me pick me!!!

*rainy sundays*squishy pillows* Cold pillows*poetry of all sorts*shakespeare*words*the letter "c" if it sounds like an "s"*luna*missy*otis*lucas*minnie*stinky friendlies*waxing philosophical (poetic;intellectual;etc) with said friendlies* spring time* shopping!* prague* london* my ipod* late night dance parties* having parties* fireworks* walking*

ok i am busy now......but thats a start........

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Jenna said...

Giant squid/camels* Lattes* The Beach (not the movie, the real thing, basically anywhere)* Frogs (and lily pads)* Jack Daniels and cigarettes* Cute Boys* Beads* Artichokes* Palm Trees (not pineapples)* California* Any music that rocks* Road trips* Cowgirl boots* Dirty bars* Bangs (this list, so far, actually looks like a kick ass vacation. moving on...)My brothers* pretending I'm going to eat Luna* cacti* emo (goo! dont tell anyone)* Basketball* Amanda's purple couch and those ridiculously soft blankets* Liz's shoes* oh yeah, Amanda and Liz (and many others)* Zipping music from other people's computers to my iPod* Choregraphing dances* Brightly colored dishes* Writing papers* Forbidden Mourning* Performing in said Halloween parade (a life achievement if you ask me) but not really Halloween in general* Waterfalls* Dresses that have belts attached* vacuuming* little villages, mother fucker* Faulkner and Old Vic* iron lamps* bright blue* my amber ring* European cappachinos* ah, Paris...

Amanda- you need to add drunk dialing to your list.
Lizzer- you need to add pineapples and roosters.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

Yes yes, absolutely, drunk dialing. And a few more:

Clapping/snapping*yoga*text messaging*camera phones*school supplies*the words 'plethora' and 'cerulean'*things that shine and sparkle*the following perfumes: heaven, izzi miaki, pink, stella, moonlight path, lilly of the valley*boys that smell clean and boy like*big hugs from tall people*jenna and liz (duh)*otis*all the other stinkers out there*slurpees*sugar snap peas*real caesar salads*thunder storms*going to movies with diana*boating with stacy*driving around with sam*talking on the phone with kevin*doing anything with joey*yelling with beth*laughing with betsy*giggling with chris hoy*making alan laugh*communicating with tyler, cause it's unintelligible to most other humans*.......more to come!

4:53 PM  
Anonymous lizzer said...

I will add pineapples- but the variety you find in Florida or Hawaii and not in random country themed decor.........

**thunderstorms and lightening** cuddle couch with the Lu ** my siblingssss** walking in dc with my ipod and pretending im in a really "cool" themed commercial (ie- im an urban hipster about to go to MCDONALDS!...or....Im a workaholic by day; partier by night! thanks to music and my Sprite in hand!)** men's cologne ** making sauces for various types of pasta ** french fries ** ranch dip ** pizza ** charlottesville ** music festivals ** sanibel ** the beach in general ** communist era memorabilia ** coca cola

ok that is all for now.

4:30 PM  
Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

The smell of popcorn*my uncle/aunt/cousins*Charlottesville restaurants*Friends repeats*Playing Cranium/TP/Jeopardy/Sets*Uulation*Compiling lists*Olives stuffed with out of the ordinary things*Watermellon bubblicious*Spanish*Putting up Christmas decorations*Cold grapes*Chai*Chilli cheese fries from Vienna Inn*Krispy Kreme donuts*Oriental lanterns*A fresh pair of contacts*Big sunglasses*Trendy jewelry*CurtainsSwing sets*Roller coasters*Moving sidewalks*Syndicated telivision*European sugar packets*Big scarves in the winter*WWS & 7 layer dip with Beth*Tshirt signing with Betsy*Doing things "on the regular" with ABell and Jill*Drinking red wine in fancy restaurants*Many & Olgas*Donnas*Hoys*Virginia Woolf*To Kill A Mockingbird*Nice strangers*Dancing in the car*Faux finishes*Most anythign my mom cooks (or granny cooked)*Shrimp, crab & lobster*Trivia -- particularly online trivia re: Buffy or The OC*

10:55 PM  

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