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Friday, August 26, 2005

Mall Madness

Scene: Tysons Corner, upper level, Gap wing. I'm walking into the new store - Ruehl - when I hear a sudden, massive, communal sqeal. Given our location, I assume some group of 6 year olds has just seen the alligator outside the Rainforest Cafe. I browse the store, turn around to leave, and hear the shrill cries again, this time louder and more intense. I walk out to see a crowd has gathered around the little port hole tot he lower level. I join and look down to see this:

Massive line of young girls outside of a record store - this must be some kind of meet and greet. Who could it be? Around this time, in between squeals, I hear about 4 different girls scream "I love you Justin!!"

Wait -

No -

Could it?



My interest is piqued, so I make my way to the escalator to take a closer look. In the less than 3 minutes this takes, the entire crowd has dispursed, the ferver has ceased, the gate outside the store has been lifted, and there are only about 3 people inside. Has Timberlake flown the coop? I see a poster outside and my mystery is solved. Boy band B5 was doing a little something there, and apparently it ended before most people were ready for it to. Since I'm 24 not 14, I do not know who B5 is. But it was still solid mall entertainment, got my mind off the wafting scent of the cinnabon stand.


Blogger Potthead said...

You gave me a little scare there. I dont know what I would do if JT was just shopping at Tysons

9:23 AM  
Anonymous jenna said...

AWESOME "New Electric" shout out on DCist today. Thanks for puttin the word in, stretch!

1:26 PM  

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