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Monday, August 22, 2005

Same thing we do everyday, MoTrain

*In his continuing effort to take over the world, our friendly neighborhood Chris (you may remember him from such hits as partytron5000) has reached quite a milestone. His lil ol' sports blog is the third most read on AOL, with 42,000 hits over othe past...crap I can't remember the time frame, but, it's pretty impressive. His thoughts? "Maybe I should start updating it more than once a week." Indeed Chris, indeed.

Update: timeframe = past 4 weeks

*In other news: only one shopping day left

*Jack White just got slimed!

*While I did attend some ragers in my day (the no furniture party at Jean's, fight night at Josh's, Danny's toga party to name some particularly memorable ones), it's true - 80s teen movie parties gave us all really high - if not scary - expectations. Quite frankly I'm glad they never reached this level, but if you're still envious of the brat pack, follow this handy guide to building a rager.

*Kitty News. So, Stinker had quite an eventful week last week. After lots of vom (using that word is a nod to the recently engaged Kristen Hogan. Congrats!), many hours at the vet and lots of TLC, the little fella still wasn't better. Mom took him in and BAM! Emergency surgery! Turns out he'd eaten some thread, which had wrapped around his tongue and pretty much convoluted his entire system (throat, stomach, intestines, etc.). 4 internal incisions, 3 nights at the vet and more money than I care to divulge later, he's back home and resting. Here's a (dark) pic of his shaved little belly with sutures. Poor lil guy.

Update: This picture scared the bejesus out of Chris. I apologize for any emotional damages.

A better (and therefore more libel to make you go "aaaaaaaaawe!") pic is sure to follow, as dad got me an AWESOME digital camera for my bday, so we won't have to rely on el camera phone anymore. It's smaller than a pack of cards. Flippin SWEET! I actually got the goods from both partents already, as they've both abandoned me on my birthday. Mom got me this great painting, so my walls aren't quite so bare anymore!!

Carry on my children. But only after you check out my latest DCist posts: Hot Ticket and Weekly Music Agenda. Now on to your regularly scheduled program.


I almost forgot!!! A HUGE thanks to Liz and Jenna for planning lots of birthday festivities for me!! I can't wait!!!

LKE16: thats so funny that they had a hipsters dancing evite template


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