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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fall is coming! Fall is coming!

NOTE: I need to seel my Oasis tickets for 9/29 at Merriweather. If you're interested, let me know!! They're good seats, inside. Let me know if you want them -


October is going to rock. It is going to rock hard. Three concerts at 930 I'm already stoked for, and tickets haven't even gone on sale yet:

  • 10/2 ~ The Decemberists
  • 10/5 ~ Stellastar
  • 10/23 ~ Deathcab for Cutie with Stars
September will also rock rather hard:

  • 9/9: Wrens @ black cat
  • 9/23: Arcade Fire & Black Keys in Ausctin
  • 9/24: Austin City Limits festival, with Tegan & Sara, Aqualung, Nine Black Alps, Death Cab, teh Walkmen, Oasis, and a whole mess of other bands I'm sure will rock
  • 9/27: White Stripes, Shins & Brendan Benson @ merriweather
  • 9/29: Brendan Benson & Greenhornes @ black cat
And lest we not forget, fall coming on means something very, very exciting.....


Coach Gibbs gives this season a thumbs up

2005 PreSeason
Date Opponent Time Network
Aug. 6 @ Ravens (Scrimmage) 12:00pm ET
Aug. 13 @ Panthers 8:00pm ET WUSA Ch. 9 /
Comcast SportsNet
Aug. 19 vs. Bengals 8:00pm ET WUSA Ch. 9 /
Comcast SportsNet
Aug. 26 vs. Steelers 8:00pm ET FOX
Sept. 1 @ Ravens 8:00pm ET WUSA Ch. 9 /
Comcast SportsNet
All preseason games available in HDTV
2005 Regular Season
Date Opponent Time Network
Sept. 11 vs. Bears 1:00pm ET FOX
Sept. 19 @ Cowboys 9:00pm ET ABC
Oct. 2 vs. Seahawks 1:00pm ET FOX
Oct. 9 @ Broncos 4:15pm ET FOX
Oct. 16 @ Chiefs 1:00pm ET FOX
Oct. 23 vs. 49ers 1:00pm ET FOX
Oct. 30 @ Giants 1:00pm ET FOX
Nov. 6 vs. Eagles 8:30pm ET ESPN
Nov. 13 @ Buccaneers 1:00pm ET FOX
Nov. 20 vs. Raiders 1:00pm ET CBS
Nov. 27 vs. Chargers 1:00pm ET CBS
Dec. 4 @ Rams 4:05pm ET FOX
Dec. 11 @ Cardinals 4:05pm ET FOX
Dec. 18 vs. Cowboys 1:00pm ET FOX
Dec. 24 vs. Giants 1:00pm ET FOX
Jan. 1 @ Eagles 4:15pm ET FOX

Schedule's not easy, but my hopes are high

So far I'm going to both home preseason games (butter me up as you wish to snag my other tic and come with), and hopefully many more. LE'S DO THIS!


Anonymous lizzer said...

while i'm feeling a little befuddled at the huge schedule listed that has NOTHING to do with music.....i will ignore that and go back to the music section of the last post- i am so in for DCFC.....Decemberists......etc......

music is great. perhaps someday you will allow me to grace you with my presence during your OTHER big love......i, elizabeth eckert, have never been to a real football game. ever. SHOCKING.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Beth said...

I have also never been to an NFL game! Since I'll only be 2 hours away, this may have to change.. mwwhahhaha!

8:09 PM  

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