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Friday, July 22, 2005

Eli The Barrow Boy

Is stuck in myyyyyyyyy head. Give it a listen. That's quality stuff right there. One of the many reasons I'm 100% stoked about October 11, 2005, for it is then that I will see the Decemberists play at 930 club and RTFO.

Speaking of rocking and whatnot, I have news. Your own neighborhood blogstretch will soon be spreading her bloggy wings over to another eVenue. I'm going to start writing some music articles for dcist. As I already spend a gigantic chunk of time going to concerts, reviewing them here, and musing about music in general, it's a natural next step. No, this is not a new job or anything like that. I'm still your friendly neighborhood ad woman. This is just in addition to my current persuits. I'm excited/nervous/scared/pumped.

Speaking of pumps....

On my way to a meeting about said position last night, a friendly neighborhood nail found its way into my tire. Thanks to the help of Jenna, Mark, Jon and two kindly samaritans, the whole incident only left me about 5% flustered. I made it to the meeting (late - which was largely the source of the fluster, as we all know how I feel about timeliness...), got the spare in place, found a legal parking spot, had a lovely evening with my tire fixing crew, finally at at Ben's Chilli Bowl, and made it home in time to catch Fareed Zakaria (my fav guest) on TDS (pretty much the best show ever, even though the new set is bizarre), play with Stinker (who is getting SO big, and SO crazy, but still SO cute), read some HP (I've barely begun it, so please don't try to discuss it with me yet), and go to sleep! So, all in all, a good day. On the Ike scale, I'd give it a 7.

Speaking of Ike, and his ever growing Drewtionary (many of which were spawned from conversations with yours truly, such as glooby, and offunsive), an email from Alan has brought another one to the helm. Well, I'm not sure it'll truly enter the vernacular, but it was still fun to read first thing this morning:


And all this time I'd fancied myself a cotton girl, who knew?

would i could afford to buy my love a new gown......

That was a test, to see if you actually listend to that Decemberists song. And to continue with the current textile theme. Did ya listen? Huh? Did ya?

This and more probing questions on the next episode of: Amanda and the Blogosphere!

But, before I depart, some links I've been wanting to share with you, mon petit readers:

That's all folks, happy Friday. Kaiser Chiefs show tonight, if all that I read is right, it'll rock.


Blogger The Poor Blogger said...

I love the Decemberists. Have you heard Colin Meloy's rendition of "The Cherry Tree Carol"?

12:31 PM  

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