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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Central Grounds Dammage

Thanks to Allison (Vick) Spillman for this news. A huge storm in Charlottesville this week caused major damage in UVA's Central Grounds. Click the link above for the story. Here are some pics. No buildings were dammaged, but several trees were downed.

I'm signing off for a few days as I'm heading to Stone Harbor tonight!! Try to survive without me. You won't be able to tell, cause you can't actually see me as I write this stuff, but I'll have far darker skin and far fairer hair upon returning. Just picture it. Tans t r e t c h.

ONE LAST NOTE: A HUGE congratulations to Miss Beth Anne Tommasone who passed her thesis deffense and is now officially DONE with grad school. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!


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