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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

America! F*** Yeah!

The fourth of July. One of my very favorite holidays. Even though I despise the state of our nation at the moment, I'm still a general America-lover, particularly regarding this holiday. It's replete with the happiest of my childhood memories (being at Stone Harbor, popsicles, sandcastles, boat parades, firetrucks, cousins, watermelon, corn on the cob, glow sticks......I could go on and on). It still feels weird not being here on the 4th, but I've managed to have a good time the past few years of separation. And, I'll be there next week with my girls, so don't shed any tears for me.

This year was no exception to my rein of fantastic Independance Days. It was the culmination of a wonderful long weekend that I just don't have the energy to recap completely, but included Jenna & Liz's rock em sock em party (complete with keg stands), Bobby & Steven & Rob's kriller crab feast (complete with Kings), brunch at the page, Stacy's BBQ (complete with flip cup), and seeing Tyler's new band play, and last but not least getting to catch up with JDub, Natasha, Jimbo, and many more.

But moving on to the actual fourth. Mr. Helbing was gracious enough to invite Stacy and several of her friends (myself included) out on the Tom Foolery for a day in the sun and to watch the 'works at night. Here's a little photo essay that pretty much captures the fun! Full pic fun can be viewed here and here.

My name for the day was America. Here's why:

What, not everyone wears red, white, blue and a cowboy hat, striking poses around the nations' capitol? America! F**k yeah!

I made about 80 jello shots - red and blue - 4 flavors - of course:

One of the day's highlights was Sam and Reed and their many attempts to launch the watermelon into the water.

The end result: Severe internal injuries to the poor innocent melon.

The fireworks were fantastic:

And Mr. Helbing is one hip dude:

We made it home on the TF, all tuckered out but pleased as punch:

I hope you all had as great a time as I did!


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