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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Beth, Pubah 4 Eva

The following is an email Beth sent to me after returning from bars in Ann Arbor (where she's visiting Pax for the weekend). This was too good not to share. Beth, please forgive me. I'm rather impressed by the lack of typos. Enjoy.

dearest fish (amanda)
wee are drunk off our asses
i heart kingfish fiasco... and your backwards email....
also i found out today that cat''s bunyons hurt
that i am mvoin to hburg on august 22nd....
cat wants me to feel her bunyons:
"feel this right here....right here feel it"...
"it's so disgusting....just feel it..i'm fuckin serious.."
this is the shit i ha ve to put up with in ann arbor
also the big bugs...and running into the back of pax's accord after s hopping...
i can hardly see the screeen right now because iam laughing so hard there are tears... also pax just fell on the ground onto my feet and she is jeheheheehahhawhw ing... yes that is the sound she made. i heart you and ashford Ithat is her bunny... funny.... bunny... funny... bunny) i have a smiley sun on my right hand and that means it's time for bed... cuz it's bigger than my left hand... but not bigger tahn my (EDITED FOR EXPLICIT CONTENT)....
good nigth joshepy.... imean shannon... i mean laaaand
michigan forEVA
i love guns,
BETH... i mean joseph LAAND


Anonymous Cat said...

Rather embarassing, but f-ing hilarious at the same time!

3:49 PM  

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