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Friday, August 05, 2005

Long time no see

"Amanda, what the crap? You haven't posted in forty-leven days. What's wrong with you? Did you break your hand? Have you been hospitalized? Do you not love me anymore?"
-The lament of my neglected child, blogs t r e t ch

Fear not, little one. Mommy's here. I appologize for any emotional or physical reprecussions of my absence of late. You see, here's the skinny: My boss left for a new job. It's the end of the fiscal year. I'm broadening my responsibilities. All of these elements have added up to one result for professionals t r e t ch: Chaos. No time to get creative here while I'm at the office, and too bleeping tired and/or busy to do anything afterwards. Nevertheless, I'm back. I just took a two and a half hour long nap, so I'm back up to my old tricks. Shall we?

Ha, there's a category on Jeopardy: Lincoln Blogs. I'll let my ADD take the wheel and interject the way this category goes down throughout this post. Because linear naratives are so yesteryear, and a good blog reader should always be on her toes.

Oh holy crap, it's facts about Lincoln, narrated as though he were blogging. Laaaaaaaaaaame! We all know that if Abraham Lincoln had a blog, it would be about maintaining facial hair bad-ass-itude. Emancipate this.

So, DCist. The other new contributor took his turn at stepping in this week. Next week I'll do the agenda (gulp, I know what I'll be doing all day Sunday....), and hopefully a couple other things. Here on out, Ryan (other new DCist music dude) and I will alternate the Weekly Music Agenda and The Hot Ticket. So, keep on reading, I'll be there when you least expect it....or, every other Monday and Thursday. For now, wax back on the halceon days of last week, and peruse my posts of yore.

OH SO SAD! It's the kid's tournament on Jeopardy, and this one girl didn't have any money going into final jeopardy. When Alex (who I hope you all know by now I ABSOLUTELY LOATHE) told her she couldn't participate, she looked like her face was gonna crack open and pure sadness and disappointment were gonna come creeping out. Poor thing! You're a smart cookie, I just know it!

Music! A few exciting ticket purchases of late ~ The Wrens, 9/9 @ black cat. Selling my Oasis tickets (hopefully to Mark) and going to see my (recently) beloved Brendan Benson at black cat 9/29. And - most fantastically - going to Austin with Jenna (and most likely Liz) 9/23 for a weekend of musical amazingness. Friday night, Arcade Fire and the Black Keys in a club, all day Saturday at the Austin City Limits Festival. I can. Not. Wait. Oh, and there's that other draw of going to Austin. The turtle named Amanda Mattos. And his owner, I guess. :)

The ineffible Chris Hoy will have an onslaught of lovely DC imports come next month.

In other news, Aaron Jason Van Roy has rejoined the ranks of active web writers. Think In Pencil has been redesigned, shined and spit polished, and is ready to amuse you at will. Go on over, enjoy the funny.

Le Aaron

I'm sure I've probably linked to this before, but I was just reminded again about Post Secret. Much like group hug or craig's list rants & raves, it's straightforward voyeurism, rather than the thinly vailed voyeurism made available by the rest of the internet. Like, what you're reading right now.

Slate, you never fail me. Oh, and because I'm too lazy to go and post this on P.O.A.: I don't like the president.

Owen Wilson: More than a charmingly crooked nose.

How do I love Mischa? Let me count the ways. And hey, look what your Newport boyfriend's been up to. (Note: the trailer plays better in IE than Firefox)

Side splitting humor for English majors. Or pretty much anyone with a sense of humor.

My cousin is a musical genius!!!! Congrats Willie, love you!

Does urinating on a lemon tree make it grow quicker/better?

This video is fantastic. I wish they'd pulled out those moves when Stacy and I saw them at Black Cat last year.

Expect Stinker to make an appearance here before too long.

Well, now that I've gotten all that out of my system and onto yours, it's time to devle into my quiet evening with Ms. Pirog before we, Sam, Stacy and Kail head to the country tomorrow for a day of swimmin holes and partytron at Tyler's. Unplug and enjoy your weekends.


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