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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Birthday Wishlist

As any friend of mine with functional ears could tell you, my birthday is right around the corner (August 23rd)! Here's a little help for those of you who are simply lost as to how to shower me with devotion.

  • The OC Season 2 on DVD. This is actually being released on my birthday. I've made this claim before, and I'll make it again: If I don't receive this from at least one person, I will not be friends with anyone, anymore. Because I'm always looking out for my friends, here's a link to where you can pre-order it, and save $20!
  • Gift certificates to iTunes or Tower (or anywhere else that sells music). As I spend a very large portion of my expendable cash on music, why not help a sister out? Also intriguing are 9:30 Club gift certificates, which I could use for shows and bar tabs. Think of this as helping olds t r e t ch, by allowing me to save money for when I'm retired.
  • In the same vein, I'd love a subscription to Spin or Rolling Stone.
  • I've got seasons 1 through 4 of Friends and Sex and the City, and would just love to complete the set.
  • Time with you (if this were IM, I'd put a %n in here). More than anything else (well, except maybe for the OC DVDs), I just want to see all my buddies, so let's get it together, and see what's hap'nin. Especially if you make me funfetti cupcakes. I just love those.
    • No Gavin, I'm not making a drug reference. I'm talking about these:

There you have it folks. Love your stretch and jump on the birthday bandwagon.

This message brought to you by the letter B, the number 24, and people like you.


Anonymous jenna said...

Email Jenna Pirog ( or Liz Eckert ( for details.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Gavin said...

Funfetti cupcakes? Is that the new DC slang for uncut Columbian gold? If so I want in.

12:39 PM  

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