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Monday, August 15, 2005

Flippin Sweet Party

Friday night Reed hosted the first ever Napoleon Dibelermite party.

This will probably go down as the most effort I'll ever see put into a costume party. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

A sweet little college Stacy made:

And a few highlights from the costume department



Rex, Kip and Napoleon

Uncle Rico skeezing up to Lafawnduh, Deb & Summer

Peace out

Uncle Rico & Kip ("Hey Reed, somebody's being pulled around on rollerblades outside your house"

One of the Sanchec Cake Builders smashing the pinata, cause that's how we do it in Juarez

Kip & Lafawnduh eating thier tots

Deb by night & Deb by day

There's a lot about gramma you don't know

Starla & Rex

For all the pics, check out mine and Allison's Kodak galleries. Hopefully the glamour shots will be up soon too!


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