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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Late Afternoon Funnies

*I write for what is apparently the 396th "most interesting and important" blog. Go figure. Go DCist!

*Though the family business deems it very important, I've never been too interested in Nascar. Though learning about our common interest made me look more fondly on the sport, it's existence is of very little meaning to me. But, the always oddly funny Toothepaste for Dinner has a pretty hilarious post on it.

*McSweeney's brings you THIRTY-NINE QUESTIONS FOR CHARLIE DANIELS UPON HEARING "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" for the First Time in 25 Years.

*I just got really amped. Thanks to my invovlement with DCist (which is great so far), I'm on Death Cab's press list for their show at 930 in October. I don't think I've ever felt cooler, or closer to Seth Cohen.

*Speaking of Orange County...


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