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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Happy Birthday

August 16th is a very important day. Not only does it mean you've only got one week left to shop for my birthday present, it also marks the birth of two very special people.

Kevin Dunlap. Sometimes his ADD takes over. And sometimes his jokes fail horribly. But you can't do anything but love someone like Kev. One of the most genuinely caring, thoughtful people I know, Kevin loves nothing more in life than his friends and family. Speaking from tons and tons of persona experience, Kevin is always there when you - or your mom - needs somebody. And not only that, he's grown up from his drung-enduced youth to be a really successful law student. You rock Kev. Happy Birthday.

Lauren Williams. Lauren's one of those people you can lose touch with for months, come back to, and have an amazing conversation and be really glad you saw her. If it tells you anything about her character, she's been in Uganda for the past several months working at an AIDS hospice. You're making the world a better place kiddo, and I love ya.

Happy Birthday to you both!!! Thanks for being born, I'm really glad that that happened :)


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