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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Anime Aniyou

The theory: Many celebrities look like anime characters.

The back story: For many years now, a running joke/observation with my mom consisted of watching tv/movies and noting which ones look like anime. I was reminded of this passtime recently and, naturally, this lends itself nicely to a blog post.

To begin with, let's remember what anime characters look like. I can't claim to have any sort of actual knowledge in this area. I don't think I've seen any more than 30 seconds of any given anime at a time. Nonetheless, there's a look, and here's what that look is.

Note: I've updated w/some examples of what these people might actually look like as anime. Click on the links under the celebs.

An important note to make is that a lot of the people I think look like anime, I also think look like this guy:

It aint easy being green. Just ask Callisata.

She does qualify, but she's not an all star. Let's start with them. Please remember - looking anime does not mean you're unattractive. In fact, the anime-esque are generally really good looking people. They've just got that whole big eyes, high cheek bones, narrow nose, flawless skin thing going on. The two front runners are in a dead heat:

Marcia Cross
(of Melrose Place & Desperate Housewives) and Paula Devicq (Charlie's wife on Party of Five)

The Paula D pic is tiny, I know. This is because there's a derth of pictures of her on google. Even though she's absurdly beautiful and should still be acting. Sidenote over.

A close second place dead heat goes out to another Melrose Alum, Courtney Thorne Smith, and Frodo himself, Elijah Wood.


On to the slew of bench warmers:

Kimberly Williams (Father of the Bride)

Johnny Lee Miller, aka Dade Murphy (HACK THE PLANET!)

Kerr Smith - anime on the creek

Gary Busey - for the scary anime constituency

Somebody told me, that Brandon Flowers looks like anime

P05 was animetastic


Anime + X Files = geek heaven

Alexis Bledel, the fastest talkin japanimated Gilmore Girl around

Rob Lowe, definitely more anime-ish in his younger days, but he's definitely still got it

Vicky Vale

My beloved one does indeed have an anime thing goin on

Leo, Leo, Leo

The 4400 take on Japan

Hi! We're hot new indie film/tv actors (you may have seen us in such works as Empire Falls or Weeds) whose emotive center resides in our huge anime eyes!

Lohan ~ big or small, red or blonde, she's definitely a little animated

Daytime takes on anime ~ friendly anime faces from my soaps (that likely Beth and my mom will be the only ones to reccognize)

Silly me! I almost forgot a HUGE one! A guy with big bright eyes! Can you guess? OK, well here you go!

Mr. Oberst to you, I heart DC9 to me

Have more? Agree? Think this is hilarious? Think I have no idea what I'm talking about/am out of my mind? Hollar!


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Fantastic list. Keep this one going.

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