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Friday, February 24, 2006

"Hey Santi! Amanda's fat!"

So, in the past week, Liz has inadvertantly called me fat, and a hermaphrodite. Should I be concerned? Deconstruct the following exchanges as you see fit.

Monday night, watching House: "You know, a lot of models are hermaphrodites. That's how come they're so tall. No offense!"

Last night, at Unbuckled: "Hey Santi! Amanda's fat!" She claims she was going to talk about how fat Stinker has gotten... just like momma!

Liz, are you trying to tell me something? I mean, more than you've already said to my face?


Anonymous lizzer said...

haha nooooooooooo

the exchange was supposed to be

"hey santi, amanda's CAT got so fat..." (which is true, and its really really cute)

but then a spoonerism happened.

im sorry!! (hanging head in shame)

but really, a lot of models are hermaphrodites, or so i've read...

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Becky said...

You've piqued my curiosity. Which models? I've heard the Jamie Lee Curtis rumor. She's pretty tall.

12:13 PM  
Blogger Santi said...

I don't know, Lizzer - the statement definitely came out as a resounding "Hey Santi, Amanda's fat!" However, to twist things your defese...that statement would be true, if we change the spelling to PHAT.....OOHHHHHHHH snap! ;)

But hey, Amanda - take it as a complement. After all, Lizzer seems to like her women with a little extra meat (remember when she couldn't stop cupping my now J.LO-sized bum at the Red Room that one night?)...hmm.... ;)

2:04 PM  
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